How to Stay Consistent Blogging from Home

How do you stay consistent blogging from home? A lot of people struggle with staying consistent, making blog posts, writing content, replying comments and emails. It can be very overwhelming especially when you don’t have a plan.


So, the first things to help you stay consistent is to have a plan. This doesn’t have to be a big plan, it can be a small plan, you start small then work your way up. This plan consists of a monthly plan and if creating a monthly plan seems too much for you, start with a daily plan then a weekly plan.


Having a plan especially what you do every day will help you plan how you want the month to be like because you can plan what content to write, and how to write it.


The second step to staying consistent blogging from home is to have write articles in bulk, I think it’s called bulk writing or something like that and it helps because when you write articles in bulk, you can go back to your monthly plan and schedule when you want to publish your content.


This way, you never run out of content on your blog, you always have something new coming up every week even if you become super busy because you created content in bulk, it won’t’ affect your blogging business.


Now, you would need to determine how much content you want to schedule, the timings and when to release them. If you want to be super active, you can publish content every single day. Every day, something new comes out.


Publishing/Scheduling content to be published every day is a fast growth strategy to quickly grow your website traffic and get organic views across your different blog posts and it also shows your audience, investors that your blog is current, consistent, serious minded and ready to grow.


The third step to staying consistent is to reply comments and emails. Install a mail notification app on your computer so every time a new mail or comment comes in, it rings, quickly notifying you that you have a new mail.


Also, try to reply every single comment on your blog posts and that shows visitors that there’s a person behind this blog that they can have a conversation with, to answer their questions and solve their problems.


The final step is to update old articles and blog posts. This is very important because it tells Google that this website has fresh new content and increases the likelihood of your content ranking high on Google search.


It also tells visitors that your website stays up to date, listens to their comments and makes the necessary adjustments needed to teach them the best way to accomplish a task or solve a problem.


Updating old blog posts goes a long way and even affects advertising. Potential advertisers may stumble on your blog due to an old updated post you made and will be willing to spend some money and advert on your blog.